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Pishu beans!

Hemlo frens! I’m writing this blog to keep you all updated on Pishu and hear health journey. First, a little background.

Pishu is a female Samoyed who is approximately 3 years old, from China. She was rescued from the streets, and was probably headed to the meat trade. She was severely underweight at 12KG (She is now 23kg), matted, covered in open sores ans scabs around her neck and ear, and her tail fur was scant.

The first photo of a then-named Delilah. She is 12KG here.

Due to Covid and related complications, it took about 7 months before she could make the incredible fight from Beijing to JFK, and then a journey by truck up to the Canadian border in Niagara Falls.

Thanks to Wendy for renting a U-Haul truck and driving me down there so we could collect our adopted babies!

Pishu has since settled in nicely. She was clearly someone’s pet, as she immediately asked for cuddles, and attention. She was excited when I picked up the harness. She has won hearts of the neighborhood with her sweet, calm and sometimes silly demeanour. She’s happy to meet every single person and dog. She sits still when the neighboorhood kids pet and hug her.

She picked up basic training commands really well! So many pepole compliment how well trained, behaved and calm she is but I cannot take the credit. This is simply her nature. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have her, especially for a first dog, and a rescue with an unknown past – she is an absolute delight.

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